Workshop Description:

Want to make more of a difference in the lives of each of your students? Come learn from the world’s foremost superheroes how to create flexible learning environments that activate your students’ individual superpowers and encourage them to take more responsibility for their own learning. Explore how the ACTFL 21st Century Skills Map can be used as tools for designing transformative language learning experiences that are cognitively challenging, emotionally engaging, personally pertinent, and socially satisfying.

Guiding Questions:

1) Why do we find superheroes so intriguing?

2) How might we learn from our interactions with superheroes to craft more flexible learning environments and experiences that engage students in personal, transformative learning?

3) What "superpowers" does research offer to teachers and what are their limitations?

Can Dos:

I can use 21st Century skills to . . .

  • Expand my PLN
  • Craft compelling, transformative learning experiences for students
  • Develop students' proficiency in the TL


Your Cover Story: Getting to Know You

Discovering Your Superpowers



Superhero Mashups

Are You Creative? (Possible Results)

Transformative Learning.jpg


Create Your Own Superheroes

MarvelCreateYourOwnSuperhero.jpg SuperheroCostumeGenerator.png TheHeroFactory.png

Symbaloo: Personalized Learning